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Admission Criteria

Patients must meet the following criteria to receive home healthcare services:

  • Patients receive care services in their place of residence.
  • Residence is within our service area.
  • The patient, because of illness or injury is confined to home.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Limited transportation is not a reason we can use in deciding homebound status. Unable to drive does not qualify a person for home healthcare services.
  • Patient’s home is a safe and appropriate environment for meeting the needs of the individual and providing home healthcare services.
  • Patient care provided by a registered nurse or therapist is by the direction of a plan physician.
  • Patient is willing to participate in a plan of care and work toward specific treatment goals.


Discharge Criteria

Patients will be discharged from ICare Home Healthcare services for the following:

  • The patient is no longer homebound. We will help coordinate any additional care.
  • The treatment goals are reached or it is determined that goals are unable to be met.
  • Your refusal to comply with the plan of care threatens the agency’s commitment to patient care.
  • Your family or caregiver has been trained to perform services that can be provided by an unlicensed caregiver.
  • Changes in the home environment prevent safely and/or effectively meeting the patient’s needs or providing the service required.
  • The conduct of the patient, your family or caregivers threatens the welfare or safety of the patient or home healthcare staff.
  • The patient moves from service area.
  • The patient is admitted to an acute hospital, long-term care facility, skilled nursing facility or hospice program.
  • A plan physician does not authorize the services of a home healthcare agency.


General Information

  • ICare Home Healthcare provides care to patients regardless of age, race, color, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Treatment, frequency and duration of home visits are individually determined based on the condition and needs of the patients. Services are ordered by your physician and coordinated with ICare Home Healthcare.
  • If the patient is Non-English speaking, interpreter services are available.


Payment for Services

ICare Home Healthcare accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal, private insurance, HMO and private pay for Medical HHC Services.
Non-Medical HHC Services are typically paid for by private pay.

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